IAA/USA has officially launched our membership program aimed at supporting visual artists living and working in the United States. Furthermore, we aim to form several chapters nationwide, and are actively seeking partners and sponsors to help bring the mission of IAA/IAIP to the United States. 

visual artists

IAA/USA has developed a national membership program which is now available to visual artists living and working in the United States. Our goal is to offer professional resources, exhibition opportunities, seminars, and other services and perks pertinent to the needs of professional visual artists.

Join the IAA/USA and become part of an extraordinary community of national and international artists!

Connect, collaborate and share expertise!

  • The $35 Annual Membership Fee includes:

  • 2 free seminars or webinars per year

  • Opportunity to submit to an annual Members’ Only Juried Exhibition

  • Participation in World Art Day (April 15)



IAA/USA is actively seeking cultural partners such as art museums, schools, arts organizations, as well as government and cultural entities to help support our mission. Cultural partners can play a central role in World Art Day, not only by contributing educational resources and public arts programming, but also by engaging directly with the public, and arts communities taking part in World Art Day activities. 



The United States' rich and diverse artistic talent has much to contribute to World Art Day celebrations worldwide. By supporting IAA/USA, sponsors not only help secure the United States' continued membership in the International Association of Art, but also help provide a platform for artists and institutions to continue to inspire and educate. Throughout the United States, funding remains crucial to the health and growth of our arts communities. By sponsoring projects and special events hosted by IAA/USA, brands can have a tangible, positive impact on our communities, and generate value-based messaging in support of art, creative practices, world peace, and international collaboration.