Gloria Delson Contemporary Arts
727 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

Exhibition Dates:  April 4th - April 30th, 2017.
Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk Reception: Thursday, April 13th from 12  noon - 10pm
WORLD ART DAY: Saturday, April 15th from 12 noon - 5pm
Artist Reception: Saturday April 22nd from 6pm - 10pm

GDCA Gallery is proud to present two World Art Day Tribute Exhibitions, “Quadrivial” and “Hollie Heller - Imprints”.

Quadrivial is a group show featuring the mediums of painting, photography, and sculpture.

Hollie Heller’s solo exhibition “Imprints” profiles her layered dyed textile mixed media works on wood and paper, as well as her delicate 'Dimensional Chroma' wall sculpture series.

Both exhibitions are dedicated to the spirit of World Art Day, which is globally celebrated on April 15th. By definition, “Quadriavial” is a meeting point of 4 directions, symbolically, the four corners of the earth. Our aim is to unite across the globe, by honoring multicultural perspectives, concepts and contributions in art.

Participating Artists: Javier Benitez, Arnor Bieltvedt, Paul Brewster, Elizabeth Brinton, Mark Brosmer, Michele Castagnetti, Maureen Haldeman, RK Kaloger, Crystal Michaelson, Michael Moon, Christopher Naylor, Bill Sherwood, Sali Swalla, Tanya Ragir, Christina Ilene Thomas, Robert Toll & Hollie Heller.

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