• ARCANE Space (map)
  • 324 Sunset Ave. Unit G Venice CA 90291 USA

324 Sunset Ave, Venice, CA, 90291
April 14 - 29, 2018
Opening: April 14, 6-9PM
Regular Hours: Thurs.-Sun., 10am-6pm

Paintings by Israeli movie star, Alon Aboutboul

Alon Aboutboul reconnected with his passion for painting at age 43 when he was coping with his mother's death. He approaches each piece with the goal of touching the unknown. The results are neoexpressionist works in bright, intense colors with quick broad brushstrokes. Ladies & Gentlemen explores the theme of coexistence - the collision of opposites that are also the same; the battle for coexistence.

“Looking back at my work I see men and women, ladies and gentlemen. Some are alone, some together, some in crowds, sometimes looking to each other, sometimes looking away, but they all dance the same dance while in my mind, actually trying to exist. In my paintings, there is no concept of time. All of the objects share the same space. The past and the future are together.”

- Alon Aboutboul

Israeli actor Alon Aboutboul is best known for his work in Hamlet, Blood Brothers, Closer, The Dark Knight Rises, London has Fallen, and Snowfall.

Opened by Morleigh Steinberg and Frally Hynes in the hub of Los Angeles’s Venice Beach in October 2017, ARCANE Space nurtures and presents the work of a wide range of artists – those of note, and those who may not otherwise have the opportunity to exhibit. A portion of the proceeds benefit local charities.

More info at arcanespacela.com