• Pershing Square (map)
  • 532 South Olive Street
  • Los Angeles, CA, 90013
  • United States

Pershing Square
532 S. Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
April 7 to April 15, 2018 (World Art Day)

9am to 7pm daily

Coinciding with World Art Day celebrations, German-born, L.A.-based artist Lilli Muller will be performing a participatory art piece titled The Mandala Project - A Collective Meditation on Humanity at Pershing Square beginning on Saturday, April 7th, and concluding on Sunday, April 15th

This ongoing series of interactive community performances (recently shown in Italy during the 2017 Venice Biennale as a response to the global refugee crisis) is a reflection of the current national and international political climate, the divide and intolerance, hate and racism, and consequential eruptions of drastic changes worldwide.

As Muller travels around the world to activate public spaces which have experienced great change or upheaval, she is building a picture of the community that is, essentially, the sum of its parts. Based on both Eastern and Western concepts of the Mandala, this performance series gives physical form to the human spirit, using the body as both literal location and esoteric conduit in an attempt at unified consciousness. It aims to collectively commemorate, celebrate, and heal, while offering a renewed sense of hope.

Muller will plaster-cast hands and feet live from visitors and bystanders, and will mount them onto 120’ long and 8’ tall fencing dividing Pershing Square. With this iteration of the MANDALA PROJECT, she intends to emphasize the importance of inclusion, diversity, freedom, democracy, unity, resistance, and the urgency to collectively transcend and stand up for humanity, everywhere.

Each cast will be tagged, labeled, signed and recorded in a ledger with Muller's own “archeological" code, meticulously documented with everyone leaving their mark. Every body part tells a personal story, reaching into the past, present, and future.

After the conclusion of the performance, the installation disappears by design, as participants and spectators claim and remove pieces of themselves or others from the fence to take home. As the installation disappears, melting back into the community that gave it form, the artwork is complete.

Born in Coburg, Germany, Lilli Muller is a multimedia artist who has lived and worked in Downtown Los Angeles since the 1980s. Her interdisciplinary art practice exists at the intersection of public and private ritual, symbolic narrative, and direct action. The international locations for which this historically site-responsive action can be adapted range from the Berlin Wall, to Ground Zero, New Orleans, and anywhere in the world where a community could benefit from an art-based healing ritual.

This is an interactive community performance by LILLI MULLER. Performance by members of the Culture Clash, Storyphile, and other special programming TBA.

For more information on Lilli Muller, please visit www.lillimuller.us.